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Copper Canyon: Day 3

On my third and final day in the Copper Canyon, the itinerary was long and logistically nonsensical. The plan was to go 2 hours west to Basaseachi waterfall, and then 3 hours back east to Chihuahua city, with a pit stop on Ciudad Cuahtemoc to check the Mennonite Museum.

Normally, Basaseachi waterfall is done as a tour by itself, as the drive there is two hours, and several hours of hiking are required to reach the bottom and return up. However, due to the lack of time, this is the plan that was made.

The day started early again, at 5 AM. From here, there was a quick pit stop at a hill above Creel to observe some views of the town before heading out. More importantly, this was near a taco stand.

Creel also has its own version of Christ the Redeemer.

From here it was onwards to Basaseachi, the second highest waterfall in Mexico. Miraculously, the rain gods had blessed me again and avoided rain for the day. However, coming in rainy season was actually to my advantage, as this is only time when the waterfall truly flows.

Even before arriving to the waterfall, there was an incredible vista all around.

And then, there it was, Basaseachi. All I can say is INCREIBLE! This viewpoint was even better than the canyon itself, as the roaring of the water left me in awe.

From here, the driver drove to the backside of the waterfall where there was a walk to the top of the fall.

 There aren’t many rules in Mexico, and I was able to literally stand over the top of the waterfall.

From here, for some reason I decided to walk down to the bottom, which wasn’t the best idea when the floor was slippery. However, the view from the bottom was equally as amazing as it was from the front and the top. This waterfall was spectacular regardless of the angle.

After several hours of hiking, it was off to Cuidad Cuahtemoc. Unbeknowest to me, northern Mexico has about 60,000 German speaking Mennonites living there, mostly on farms. These people charted an interesting path from Russia to Canada to Mexico, where they arrived about a century ago. Some have left for Bolivia and Paraguay, but many have chosen to stay. The sight of blonde hair, blue eyed Mennonites in Mexico is surreal.

Mennonites are known for their cheese, otherwise known as Chihuahua cheese, so I decided a stop at a local Mennonite pizzeria was a must. The cheese of the pizza was very tasty, unlike any other I’d had. I noticed a sign for a Mennonite tour which goes to a local farm to show the farming way of life. This is definitely on the agenda for next time.

This brought a conclusion a whirlwind of a three day trip to the Copper Canyon, but I must say it was probably the most incredible trip of my life. So much so that I yearn to return as soon as I get the opportunity. I recommend that anyone who has the chance make a visit if possible, it is worth every moment.

PS: Many thanks to Taramuri tours, the company who arranged the lodging and three days of tours. This was a local company that was very reasonably priced, I highly recommend to tourists who can speak a little Spanish, or at the least use Google Translate.


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