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Copper Canyon: Day 1

After hanging out in Creel for a couple of hours, it was time for the first tour, a half day at the sights around the town.

The first stop was Cusarare waterfall. Unfortunately, upon arrival, rain began, and I had left my umbrella in the train. Though it was rainy season, rain came and went, usually hitting in the afternoon according to locals. Luckily, this was no issue, as I had a raincoat and decided to make the short twenty minute walk to the waterfall. By the time I arrived, the rain had stopped, and the reward was a wonderful view of the waterfall. Amazingly, this was considered a small waterfall compared to others in the region, though it seemed rather large to me. This was a magnificent way to start the tour.

From here, it was off to see some stones that looked like frogs and mushrooms. This is a bit odd, but after a few seconds the reference seemed to make sense. One thing I noticed is that though the local Tarahumara people, though extremely poor, never asked tourists to buy any of their goods like I’ve seen in other places around the world; this level of dignity is astounding.

The last stop on this journey was Lake Arareko. This lake was a serene place to sit, the most interesting facet being the greenery growing on rocks themselves at the edge of the lake. A fellow tourist on the tour stated that his friend went boating here recently and was struck by lightning and died. On this ominous note, it was time to head back to Creel for dinner.

Though food in Mexico is usually excellent, the food in Creel was not very good, at least the food geared towards tourists. I went to the #1 ranked place in the town, and the food was rather disappointing compared to other Mexican food I’ve had in the country. This was similar to my experience in the train.

This was a good first day in the Copper Canyon area. It was off to bed early, as the next day was to begin at 6 AM. Destination: The longest zipline in the world.


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