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United e-certs now combinable

Great news for those of us that have multiple United e-certs, they are now able to be combined (assuming they were given to the same person), according to Flyertalk. The procedure is a bit manual, as it requires a call to customer service. Also, there seem to be two separate methods to combine them:

  1. Combine and receive a new certificate number and PIN
  2. Combine for use in a purchase. For example, if you have 2 $50 e-certs and the ticket costs $150, you would only be $50 out of pocket and can get rid of your e-certs as well.

A couple of things that are unclear are what would happen if there was a leftover amount from the multiple certs, thought it seems that option 1 listed earlier would apply. Also, for those without elite status, it is unclear if there would be a $25 booking fee or if it would be waived for this special circumstance.

Either way, this is a wonderful option as previously, customers were only allowed to use one certificate at a time.

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