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Winston Churchill’s house

In my last day in London, the plan was to go to Chartwell, the house of Winston Churchill. The house is located in Kent, southeast of London. The sight is a National Trust site; the National Trust is basically an organization that maintains many sights in England. If one signs up to be a member, unlimited sights can be seen in a year.

Chartwell isn’t so much a house as a grand estate. There is lush greenery everywhere, and the atmosphere can be simply described as serene.

There is a large walled garden as well, full of different types of plants.

There are also ponds all around, full of fish.


There is plenty of wildlife, they seem to be having a good time and at peace.

The house itself is anti-climactic after seeing the rest of the estate.

However, it is a bit down to earth compared to the palatial retreats of other leaders. I wondered if the furniture was the real furniture restored, or if it simply a replica.

The most intricate thing I noticed was the pottery in the kitchen. Also, another interesting point was the copper pots. I’ve never seen a copper pot before, but I am aware of the conductive properties of pots. This seems like a risky idea for cooking, and probably why they aren’t sold anymore.

This was a good place to spend a couple of hours, and I can hope to be only so lucky to have even 1% of this in my retirement.

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