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Amman, Jordan

Amman is a city that is usually skipped over by foreign tourists. Usually, they stay a night in a hotel and go straight to Petra. However, Amman is a fascinating city, as it manages to be traditional yet cosmopolitan at the same time, with a historic sight mixed in.

After spending most of the day in Jerash and Ajloun, it was time to head to the Amman Citadel, the main touristic sight of the city. There is a large ampitheatre, as well as a mini one nearby.

This amphitheatre rivals any I have seen, and is stunningly neglected by foreign tourists.

I saw only locals hanging about during pleasant evening.

Once again, I was given free entry due to the Jordan Pass, which had more than made up for its cost by this point, perhaps double.

From the top of the theater, there is a nice view of the city center.

After this, it was time to head to the old city, full of food, clothing, and spices. I had a dish called mansaf for dinner, which is a mix of rice, fermented yogurt, and lamb. The sauce has a tart taste but after a few minutes grows on one’s palette. But the true highlight of was dessert, kanafeh. It is a pastry filled with cheese, topped with syrup. I had eaten this in Turkey many times before, but the Jordanian kanafeh was truly spectacular. So good that I decided to get two kinds. I’m not really sure what the difference was between one and the other, but both were heavenly.

My three days in Jordan were amazing. It was my first visit to this part of the world, and the sights and food in conjunction with the kindness of the people only makes me want to return to Lebanon, and perhaps one day Syria. Now it was on to the next leg in the journey, Paris.

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