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Birmingham, England: Day 2

After a very long night of rest due to jetlag, my plan was to see the Cadbury factory. However, I woke up at 1 PM and it closed at 3, so this was a nonstarter. I decided instead visit the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. On a steamy day, this may not have been the best idea, but it was on my list, so it had to be seen. Like most large cities, the botanical garden was a wonderful sight, full of native flora.

Upon entrance was a musty greenroom, which was uncomfortable in this particular weather, but during most of the year must be pleasant in comparison to the typically dreary English climate.

From there was a huge back area, truly a sight to behold.

The garden also seems to be an event center of sorts, as there is a cafĂ© and also a ballroom for receptions, along with advertisements for open air theatre shows. Towards the back of the garden were some enclosures with birds. As I sauntered towards this area, I noticed a peacock freely wandering. This was a very pleasing site. I’ve rarely had the pleasure of observing peacocks in this type of environment and it is always a peaceful experience.

Perhaps most fascinatingly were the green tennis courts adjacent to the garden, a wonderful sight during the Wimbledon season, though these courts looked to be in much better condition. As odd as it sounds, the courts are truly grass, and the sight is surreal for a first time viewer.

As with every botanical garden I’ve visited, the visit was a serene experience. After this, I just made another quick jaunt to the city center before heading back for dinner. I had one more day in Birmingham, and this time the Cadbury factory would not be missed.

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