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How to reopen a closed US Bank credit card to get Altitude Reserve

Earlier this year, US Bank joined the list of banks with premium credit cards when it released the Altitude Reserve card. This card is similar to the Chase Sapphire reserve credit card in that it has a high annual fee, $400, along with many benefits. These benefits range from the familiar like a $325 travel credit, Priority Pass, and Global Entry statement credit to the intriguing such as a complimentary membership to the Andrew Harper travel club and 30% Silvercar discount. Probably the most interesting benefit is the triple points for mobile wallet purchases such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. One wonders how long US Bank will allow this, as it seems easy to gain massive amounts of points doing this.

Anyhow, the one difference of the Altitude Reserve is that one must already have some type of US Bank relationship to apply for this card. Technically, this relationship must be for 30 days, but there are reports that opening a checking account in branch bypasses this requirement.

In my case, I had a Club Carlson Visa since 2013 that I just closed at the end of 2016. Once the Altitude Reserve was released, I was kicking myself for doing this. However, I thought it would not hurt to ask if there was a way to reopen my closed card to gain elibility to apply for the Altitude Reserve. I called the US Bank credit card line and was told all I needed to do was to send in a fax or mail with three things:

  1. Account number of the closed account, minimum of at least the last 4 digits
  2. Housing payment
  3. Income

This information needed to be either faxed to 1 (800) 670-4834 or mailed to

Cardmember Service

PO Box 6361

Fargo, ND 58125-6361

I sent the information via fax for the sake of time, and within one business day my account was back on the US Bank website. After this, the question would my original start date of October 2013 be the start date for this account or the reopening date? Nobody at US Bank really knew so I just took a chance and applied for the Altitude Reserve. I was approved after about 24 hours, and after looking at a recent credit report it appears that my original opening date remained. Another positive point is that only one hard pull was made for both requests. That is awesome not just for the purpose of getting the card but also for my average age of accounts on my credit reports.

All in all, this process went much smoother than I anticipated, due to US Bank’s reputation as sticklers. It appears if you keep a good history that the bank can be friendly and generous towards requests such as the one that I made.

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