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USA-Mexico flights now unrestricted


Good news for USA travelers that enjoy traveling to Mexico. A treaty that was passed between the two nations’ respective governments in December has finally come into law. Now, airlines will be allowed to fly unrestricted between the USA and Mexico, as well as set their own prices for tickets. This will also have implications on cargo travel as well.

Image courtesy of AeroMexico

Image courtesy of AeroMexico

Until now, a maximum of two USA-based and two Mexican carriers were allowed on each route. This opens up a flurry of possibilities, particularly on routes that had reached the limit already. This is good news for consumers, because increased competition will lead to lower ticket prices. This will give Mexican carriers more exposure into US markets also. As of now, there is one major carrier that flies into the USA, AeroMexico, along with three low-cost carriers, Interjet, Volaris, and VivaAerobus. TAR Aerolineas, another low-cost carrier, is planning flights into San Antonio soon.

Image courtesy of Interjet

Image courtesy of Interjet

Southwest Airlines, which just began international flights one year ago, has already opened a flurry of new routes after the decision was announced, and will add more in the future as well. American Airlines and Delta have also announced new routes. Overall, the treaty comes at an excellent time for Delta, as it just purchased a 49% stake in AeroMexico recently.

In conclusion, this is great news for American travelers. A 66 year old treaty that was hampering flight growth between the USA and Mexican markets has finally been modernized, and travelers on both sides of the border will benefit as a result of more options.

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  1. Juan Escutia September 9, 2016

    Awwwesome News!!!

  2. Navi September 11, 2016

    Good info! Keep it coming

  3. Cameron September 13, 2016

    Let’s head south for the winter!

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